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Venture Capital—New Perspectives on Corporate Governance in Entrepreneurial Firms


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#STRongerTogether: STR AOM 3rd session of the Alternative Career Path series.


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26th Conference of the European Academy for Standardisation

Both |6/8/2022
Just like standardisation and innovation have long been considered as almost mutually exclusive, so have been Open Source Software (OSS) and Standardisation. This former view has long since changed, the latter is about to change as well. This is not such a…

Journal of Business Venturing—Corporate Entrepreneurship in The Digital Era

Virtual |8/1/2022
Call for Papers for a Special Issue on CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE DIGITAL ERA GUEST EDITORS (alphabetical order): Samuele Murtinu, Utrecht University Haemin Dennis Park, University of Texas at Dallas Christopher Tucci, Imperial College London Anu…

Journal of Management Studies— Organizing and Strategizing In and For Extreme Contexts

Virtual |8/1/2022
Journal of Management Studies Call for PapersORGANIZING AND STRATEGIZING IN AND FOR EXTREME CONTEXTS: TEMPORALITY, EMBODIMENT, MATERIALITYSubmission Deadline: 1 September 2022Guest editors:Markus Hällgren, Umeå School of Business, Economics &…

New England Journal of Entrepreneurship—Entrepreneurial Passion

Virtual |8/1/2022
Call for Papers: New England Journal of Entrepreneurship Special Issue – Entrepreneurial Passion Nowadays, finding and living one's passion is considered to be the driving force of a successful and fulfilling life. According to a survey among American…

Personnel Psychology—Organizational Behavior and HRM Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

Virtual |8/1/2022
CALL FOR PAPERS Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Guest Editors: David A. Waldman, Miriam Erez, Zhaoli Song, Ute Stephan, Donald S. SiegelAccording to Shane and Venkataraman (2000, p. 218),…

Applied Psychology—How do entrepreneurs influence their social environment?

Virtual |9/1/2022
Applied Psychology: An International Review Call for Papers: How do entrepreneurs influence their social environment? New Psychological Perspectives Guest Editors Marjan Gorgievski, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands Antje Schmitt, University of…

Journal of Business Research—Underdog Entrepreneurship

Virtual |9/1/2022
Underdog Entrepreneurship: Causes, Mechanisms, Transitions and Impacts ARTICLE TYPE: Underdog Entrepreneurship SUBMISSION WINDOW: Jan 1, 2022 – Oct 1, 2022 MANAGING GUEST EDITOR: Jie Li ( The Journal of Business Research will publish…

Technological Forecasting and Social Change—Technology, stakeholder collaboration, and SDGs

Virtual |9/1/2022
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Call for papers Title: Technology, stakeholder collaboration, and sustainable entrepreneurship in the SDGs Guest Editors: Prof. Abel Monfort ESIC Business & Marketing School   Prof.…

Submission deadline for special issue papers "Organizing for Good" at Journal of Organization Design

Virtual |9/30/2022
Special issue on "Organizing for Good" at Journal of Organization Design Special issue Editors: Oliver Baumann, Jerry Davis (Guest), Sven Kunisch (Guest), Jiao Luo (Guest), and Brian WuSubmission Deadline: Optional proposals due via email to one of the…

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Virtual |12/31/2099
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